Assessment of Poodles at Shows

January 14, 2019

  • All dogs presenting for assessment must be micro-chipped.
  • All Medium, Miniature and Toy Poodles are measured prior to judging by the judge on the day and one other qualified Group 9 Judge.
  • Once the dog/ bitch reaches 15 months there is no need for further measuring.
  • Any dog from overseas for exhibition at their first Irish Kennel Club Championship Show must be measured.
  • Any dog/bitch who has gained Green Stars and is under 15 months may bring their Green Stars with them if moved to another size, but they must get one Green Star in their new size to claim their championship title.
  • If a dog/ bitch is changed to another size the assessment is recorded and they move on the day.
  • Assessors will be the appointed Judge and a Group 9 Judge.
  • The Poodle Club of Ireland at their seminars will include a demonstration to student judges on the correct method of measuring Poodles.
  • Green Star wins may be carried over from one variety to another
  • Measurement before confirmation of the title Champion.
  • All Show Secretaries must supply Poodle measures
  • There must be a size scale in the Judges Box and the judge must be familiar with using the measure.

Effective 1st January 2019.

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