Who can enter

Dog Showing is the most popular canine activity in the country and is a great way to show others why your dog is the best in the world. All pedigree dogs can take part in Dog Showing and you never know you could end up taking part in the Irish Kennel Club premier event St. Patrick’s weekend.

Dog Showing or exhibiting takes place in different rings at a dog show, where each pedigree dog is judged against the official Breed Standard. The Breed Standard is a blueprint for the perfect characteristics for each breed and covers every aspect of the dog, including health and temperament. Click here to see an example of a Breed Standard. The dogs which conform most closely to the Breed Standard will receive the top awards.

It really is very easy to get started in dog showing, all you need to do is:

  • Ensure your dog is registered with the Irish Kennel Club on the Breed Register and is 4 months of age or over. (If you’re not sure if your dog is registered or would like more information about how to get your dog registered on the Irish Kennel Club’s Breed Register, visit the Registrations section here.)
  • Enter a show in a class that is suitable for your dog. You can find a list of the Irish Kennel Club licensed Shows Dates.