Overall Winner of the Golden Paw Awards 2023!

November 20, 2023

Life Changing Dog Winner: Teddy – Cava Doodle – Male – 5 yrs old – Co. Wicklow
St Vincent’s University Hospital, describes Teddy’s visits as follows:
“Teddy has transformed the weekend experience at St Vincent’s ICU. I have rarely seen such a seemingly small intervention make such a difference in what can be a sterile and frightening environment for many. He might be a small dog but he has a huge personality.
Patients cherish Teddy’s weekend visits and it’s wonderful to see their smiles shine through when Teddy is allowed on the bed for cuddles for a few minutes. He gives them additional strength to tolerate their recuperation in the ICU.
The only obstacle Teddy faces is that he has to fight his way through the throngs of staff members eager to say hello to him before he starts his ward round as he makes the nurses long weekends that bit easier.
He has softened the hardest heart, makes a huge difference to the patients and staff and I only wish we could see more of him in the ICU”

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