Statement from The Irish Kennel Club

March 21, 2019

Statement from The Irish Kennel Club

As the National Canine Organisation, the Irish Kennel Club is concerned about the licensing, and in particular the lack of regular inspections of Commercial Dog Breeding establishments.

Our Organisation has no statutory right to inspect premises or implement existing regulations which means we can only re-act after the fact.  This is frustrating.

 It is of great concern to us that the appalling recent cases took place in local authority licensed Commercial Kennels that are supposedly subject to regular inspection and supervision both by the Local Authorities and indeed Veterinarians.  Obviously, this was not the case, and those responsible for overseeing these premises must be called to task.  Lessons must be learned to ensure there is no re-occurrence of this type of systematic abuse and neglect.

 Regarding recent legislation for Dog Breeding Establishments the Irish Kennel Club and the DSPCA made a comprehensive submission to the Minister but unless there are the facilities, and more importantly the will from the local authorities and the Veterinarian profession to implement existing or future legislation, then it’s all just lip service.

Self-regulation does not work!



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