URGENT Notification from Russian Kynological Federation

March 18, 2020

Dear colleagues,

With our deep regrets, we have to inform you that due to COVID-19 outbreak there are temporary restrictions applied in Russia: no big events can be held, and no entries to Russia for foreign citizens are allowed until April 30, 2020.

Therefore there is a huge number of show cancellations / show dates changes since March 22, 2020.
We kindly ask you to pass this information to all your judges if they arrange any trips to Russia.

RKF wishes you to stay safe and healthy in this uneasy period. We hope the situation will get better very soon, and we’ll be able to welcome each other in our countries again!

Best regards,
Ekaterina Domogatskaya,
Head of RKF International department,
Chairperson of the RKF Show commission

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