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July 19, 2018

A meeting took place in the EU Parliament to to discuss the Brachycephalic Breeds which individuals from interested organisations were invited. The President of the FCI European Section and I were nominated to attend but only one person per organisation was accepted. I did however supply Mr. Hindse with information that the IKC have researched. Here is the repoprt.

Sean Delmar,

Subject: Re: Meeting in the EU Parliament

Report from Jorgen Hindse, Chairman of FCI European Section, to the committee:

Dear all,

Here is a short message about the meeting regarding Brachophilia in breeds last week.
The number of participants was limited to 80 from various groups and Sean did not get a seat. However he prepared me well with relevant material from the Irish Kennel Club.
The meeting took only 2 hours— and with 8 speakers, the time for Q and A was short.
I took the floor twice.

All the speakers and a large majority of the participants agreed in the following:

  1.  Legislation against this breeds is not an option.
  2. In all countries, the numbers of kennel club- registered dogs is only 20-25% of the population of the breeds.

3. It was agreed that the best way forward is Education. The education of breeders and judges, the cooperation between veterinary bodies, Universities, and Kennel Clubs, combined with clear information to the public was the best approach..

Best regards,

PS: Ronni Doijeans from The Dutch Kennel Club was one of the speakers. He was asked by his government to do so— and he did it very well and supported my position on all matters.

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