Why ‘Breed Specific’ (Pedigree) dogs!

July 31, 2018

  • Selective breeding has resulted in dogs with special abilities and skill and predictable qualities i.e. Hunting, guarding, Search & Rescue, Assist Dogs and many other human support skills serving Society.
  • The diversity of breeds is worth preserving, notwithstanding some challenged breeds.

“Healthy Breeding” The Challenges!

Can Purebred dog breeders make a difference?
In many countries less than 20% of apparent purebreds are coming from breeders associated with national kennel or breed clubs yet they are seen as an easy target for many ill informed people.

The reality is, as in most things in life, the buying of dogs is consumer driven and because of media and entertainment industry popularity of certain ‘breeds’ society will continue to buy cheap unhealthy’ dogs and such dogs will continue to be supplied.

  • As a rule the breeders of the IKC are sincere dedicated people motivated by the love of dogs and like nothing better than to share their hobby with like minded people at the many regulated and supervised events we organise where animal welfare is a priority. These are the breeders that are committed to improving health.
  • An obvious group, Veterinarians, have a big role, not just the treatment of sick dogs, but preventive medicine and promoting health initiatives and by dispelling the myth that by crossing unrelated breeds the health of offspring is somehow stronger. Recent research (vet records of over 150,000 dogs) from RSPCA / Royal Vet college shows no difference in health aspects between Pedigree and crossbreed/ mongrel dogs. In fact most cross bred dogs are only one generation away from pedigree dogs.

Further Education/Research
All stakeholders

  • Breeding and breed-specific issues; access there prevalence and risk.
  • Look at the BIG picture within breeds and do not
    focus too narrowly on the ‘popular’ conditions.
  • Promote genetic testing (easy access and agreed
    standardised results).
  • Develop communication between veterinarians,
    owners and breeders
  • Create a broad view of health and welfare and

Sean Delmar, IKC President

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