Who can participate

To participate in Irish Kennel Club approved competitions, a dog must be registered with the Irish Kennel Club or another FCI Kennel Club.

You can find more about the process of registration, and the eligibility requirements, here. You can find out more about the FCI here. If you are in any doubt about the eligibility of your dog to participate in an event, contact the organiser. He or she will be able to advise you of any steps you need to take.

Famous Figures

Attendees included figures from both sides of the independence divide, including Captain Wyndham Quinn from the Vice Regal Lodge in the Phoenix Park, and the Under Secretary for Ireland, Sir James McMahon. They witnessed a show featuring dogs such as ‘Convict 224’ (Michael Collins’ dog), Trotsky, Munster Fusilier, and Markavich, presided over by judges Con O’Herlihy and Dan Nolan. From those colourful beginnings sprang the Wyndham Quinn Perpetual Cup, which is still awarded to this day, and the Michael Collins Perpetual Cup.