COVID-19 Statement from IKC President

March 26, 2020

Statement from IKC President Mr. Sean Delmar – IKC members COVID-19 Action Group

I would like to express the thanks of The Irish kennel Club to the Healthcare workers, the staff of the necessary retail outlets and the personnel involved in transport and supplies for their service. To our own staff, particularly Karen and Pat, for their expertise and professional approach which are greatly appreciated. A big thank you for your valued co-operation and to those members suffering loss of income, we appreciate your commitment, for your understanding and your amazing reaction to the challenges that lie ahead.

I am sure you are aware we have closed our Public Office, suspended all activities at the NSC, have placed our staff on reduced hours and we are cutting costs where possible. All events licensed by the IKC, and all meetings of the IKC have been postponed until further notice. Finally, in support of the national response we have made the NSC available to the HSE to use as they see fit.

Our members have started many initiatives to help their local communities in these very challenging times. Through their Breed Clubs, training classes, Canine Societies and also small groups of individuals they are trying to bring assistance to those most affected by isolation, especially were dogs are involved. It’s all about communication, both human and canine, to elevate the logistical and indeed the loneliness this type of situation brings.

So, the IKC is setting up a Facebook page where our members can show what assistance is available locally for people with dogs, or even those that feel the companionship of a dog, even if only visitation would be of benefit.
To create a central point were local information can be accessed; we are also setting up a Facebook presence to show what’s available and what initiatives are available in local areas.

Jim Stephens (Chairman IKC Health and Welfare Committee) is setting up a live weekly Webinar where we can respond and advise during these trying times.

See IKC members Covid-19 Action Group on our Facebook

The nature of our sport is competitive, but the COVID-19 is such a dangerous enemy that I am asking all our members to unite in confronting this virus. Please see attached notice here.

Support each other and stay safe.

Sean Delmar

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