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April 1, 2021

|Announcement from IKC President

The need to inform and educate the general population regarding sourcing and introducing a puppy into a family environment has never been as urgent with the impact of Covid19.  So many unscrupulous breeders can be motivated by profit and have welfare/health considerations down the list on their agenda.

This puts the responsibility on those breeding, Veterinary, official Microchip Database holders and official Animal Welfare organisations to take responsibility. They must co-operate in a way that sends out a clear approach to sourcing, purchasing and maintaining a family pet in a legal, caring and structured way that benefits the puppy and the family.

With this in mind The Irish Kennel Club are delighted to announce their collaboration with Petbond.  Both establishments share a strong ethos for the welfare of dogs.  We see this as an opportunity to make our joint expertise available in a clear, informed and easily understood manner that is easily accessed. We look forward to working with Tim Kirby and his team and hope we can make dog owners, and particularly prospective owners, more informed and prepared.

Sean Delmar


Irish Kennel Club

Announcement from Dr Tim Kirby

PetBond is delighted to announce its close collaboration with the Irish Kennel Club.  Experienced Veterinary Surgeon and Founder Dr Tim Kirby said “ www.petbond.ie is Ireland’s most safe & trusted online platform where people can now source happy & healthy puppies. By highlighting IKC breeders as being safe, ethical & trusted on our website, together we are improving animal health & welfare right across Ireland”. Since launch, we’ve been overwhelmed by the massive public demand for our service.

Today marks a hugely positive step forward for www.petbond.ie  in collaborating with the IKC as another ambitious, leading and highly respected organisation. With the support of IKC members and breeders in using our website to find homes for their puppies, we have the ability to educate the wider Irish public & media of our joined success. “I see a very bright future for this relationship, and would like to thank the IKC board and leadership for their dedication in making this happen” Tim added.

PetBond is FREE to use for all IKC breeders, and for every puppy that finds a loving home through www.petbond.ie we can help another puppy in need. Your valued support makes the difference.

Dr. Tim Kirby MVBGpCertEqPMRCVS

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