IKC – Puppy Zone Launch

September 19, 2016

The Board of the Irish Kennel Club is delighted to announce the launch of Puppy Zone on the IKC website.

Puppy Zone allows IKC members to showcase to the general public their IKC registered pups/dogs they have available for sale via their myIKC account.

Puppy Zone is a free service to IKC members and it is simple to use.

All you need to do is, via your myIKC account, go to the My Registered Dogs page and click the Mark For Sale icon for the dog to be put on sale. You also need to provide a description of the dog, upload an image, and enter the sale price.

A potential purchaser will contact an IKC member with a dog marked for sale via an automated message, no personal/contact details of any IKC member are disclosed to the public as part of the process.

Any enquiries submitted by potential buyers will be visible to the relevant IKC member in the My Dogs Listed For Sale page of their myIKC account.

It is prudent to launch Puppy Zone in two phases. Phase I is now live and permits IKC members to put their IKC registered dogs on sale.

Phase II is targeted for Monday 3rd October when members of the general public will be able to view Puppy Zone and submit enquiries to IKC members about purchasing a purebred dog.

The precise date (earlier or later) of Phase II is dependent on sufficient dogs being available to make Puppy Zone of interest to the general public.

We encourage you to login to your MyIKC account and showcase the dogs you have available for sale via this free member service. We will go live with public access to the site when there are at least 50 dogs available to view by the general public.

Need assistance accessing MyIKC or using Puppy Zone?

If you do not have or do not know your login details to your MyIKC account or if you require assistance using Puppy Zone, please log a ticket at http://helpdesk.ikc.ie/ and we will be happy to help you.

When submitting a ticket, please provide your IKC membership number.

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