Irish Kennel Club introduce Social Media Policy

September 24, 2019

Social media has become an integral part of day to day communication for individuals as well as businesses. Social media is defined as the social interaction among people in which they create, share or exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks. Social media may include, but is not limited to, magazines, Internet forums, weblogs, social blogs, social networks, podcasts, photographs or video. Its ability to capture community sentiment and shape opinions is driven by its dynamic and immediate nature. What constitutes ethical behaviour can be somewhat ambiguous when engaging in social forums, however the Irish Kennel Club believes its members should uphold the highest ethical standards displaying respect, honesty and integrity. This Social Media Policy aims to provide guidelines on best practice behaviour when using social media.


  • Abide by the Irish Kennel Club Rules and Regulations.
  • Be reasonable and respectful – do not post malicious, misleading or unfair content in relation to the Irish Kennel Club, Irish Kennel Club staff, Irish Kennel Club members or their dogs.
  • Be accurate – any comment posted as fact should be able to be substantiated.
  • Act in a manner that is consistent with good community expectation.

The same values that apply in the real world also apply in the virtual world and in social media exchanges. Despite the seemingly unregulated nature of social media, the law is applicable to online content. Postings online (and similarly in email or text messages) are subject to the law in areas such as defamation, racial discrimination, intimidation and bullying.

Breach of the Social Media Policy.

The Irish Kennel Club continually monitors activity in relation to the organisation and its members. The Irish Kennel Club takes compliance with this policy seriously. Where members believe that behaviour is in breach of our Rules and Regulations and is reported, the disciplinary process may be initiated by the Irish Kennel Club. Where proven, either formal warnings or other penalties may apply or if it is of a serious nature the offending members may be considered liable under the law.

Sept 2019

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