Irish Kennel Club Scale of Fees

September 25, 2023

Effective from 1st October 2023

Registration                                                                                                                                                                 €uro

Registration by Breeder of Complete Litter (Per Puppy) 22.00
Registration, other than litter (Per Dog) 33.00
Print out of Pedigree 7.00
Re-Registration 22.00
Duplicate Registration Certificate 12.00
Transfer of Ownership 22.00
Lifting of Endorsement 55.00


Export Pedigree Certificate 35.00
Pedigree Certificate – Three Generations 35.00
Pedigree Certificate – Four Generations 40.00

Prefix Affix

Prefix/Affix (Registration of a Kennel Name)     35.00
Yearly Renewal 20.00
Prefix/Affix on a Life Basis 165.00
Addition of Family Member 25.00
Addition of a Prefix/Affix to the name of a dog already registered 25.00

Associate Membership for AGM 2024

Membership fee on a Yearly basis 15.00
Renewal Fee 15.00
5 Year Membership 50.00
10 Year Membership 100.00
Life Membership 150.00


List of Wins 12.00
Breeders Diploma 12.00
Duplicate Championship Diploma 12.00
Junior Championship Diploma 6.00

Objection /Appeal Fees

Objection to exhibit under rule 140 220.00
Complaint under Disciplinary Rules 220.00
Appeal Fees 55.00 to 550.00

Any application received which is not complete and must be returned for any reason will incur an administration charge of €5.50


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