Legislation for Dog Breeding Establishments

July 12, 2018

Please find links below to the latest position on legislation for DOG BREEDING ESTABLISHMENTS.



Together with the DSPCA we made a joint comprehensive submission some of which were taken on board others that were ignored. 

The legislators have left the door open for some further changes, so we will wait and see.

This was our most recent correspondence to the department.

‘The DSPCA and the Irish Kennel Club submitted a joint submission in November 2016. It outlined our position which seems to have been largely ignored.Our joint submission was also supported by an MRBI public attitudes survey which overwhelmingly rejected the type of regime outlined in the latest DBE guidelines.

We attach a copy of our original submission with this email.

The key issues raised in our submission are not adequately addressed in the latest version of the guidelines.

These included:

  1. Restriction to a maximum of 20 Breeding bitches per establishment.
  2.  Husbandry practices
  3. Unannounced inspections by authorised officers under Animal health and welfare Act.
  4.  Consumer protection – public register and tractability.

These are fundamental requirements for the welfare of the dogs in DBE’s.

We are most concerned that the draft guidelines do not address our professional recommendations.

For the record, we will continue with our campaign seeking fundamental reform of the wholly unacceptable puppy farm regime that exists in Ireland.

We would welcome an early meeting with Minister Kyne to discuss our genuine concerns.’

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