New Legislation: Ear-cropping of Dogs

September 6, 2023

New Legislation


Summary below of  S.I. No. 412 of 2023, Ear-cropping of Dogs Regulations 2023 [Link: – Animal Welfare (], with links to guidance notes and relevant forms.


Effective from September 1st, 2023:


Import of Dogs with Cropped Ears

  • An import licence issued by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine will be required to import a dog with cropped ears into Ireland.
  • An import licence must be applied for at least 5 days in advance of import.
  • A dog with cropped ears imported under licence must be accompanied by a veterinary certificate stating the veterinary purpose for carrying out ear cropping procedure.

Link:   Guidance Note re. Import of Dogs with Cropped Ears

Link:   Guidance Note for Import Operators & Transporters

Link:   Application Form for Import Licence

Link:   Import Licence Template


Possession or Control of Dogs with Cropped Ears

  • A person shall not have in their possession, or under their control, a dog whose ears have been cropped after September 1st, 2023 unless the person has:
  • an import licence,
  • a veterinary certificate indicating ears were cropped for veterinary purposes or
  • a written record issued by a listed charity indicating that the dog had cropped ears when rehomed by the charity.


Sale or Supply of Dogs with Cropped Ears

  • A person shall not sell or supply a dog with cropped ears, with the exception of charities specifically listed by the Department.
  • Current listed charities: ISPCA, DSPCA, Dogs Trust.
  • Where a listed animal welfare charity sells or supplies a dog with cropped ears, a record is to be provided to the dog owner.

Link:   Criteria for Listing of Charities to Sell or Supply Dogs with Cropped Ears

Link:   Form for Listed Charity Rehoming Dogs with Cropped Ears

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