Presentation on Health & Welfare initiatives

May 1, 2018

The presentation on Health & Welfare initiatives hosted by the IKC on 28th of April was very informative and provided so much information, international reports and programmes.

Dr Brenda Bonnet, The International Partnership for Dog, Romy from Weatherby’s, Pamela from The Pupscan Project, Alan from UCD and our own Jim Stephens delivered a programme that was well informed, provocative and presented the challenges and responsibilities for us as breeders and administrators. It was interesting to see the breed by breed health profiles and the initiatives taken by other countries and organisations. Jim and I will put together an overview and publish it in a few weeks.

As informed, I was sorry that more notice couldn’t be given and accept that many could not change their arrangements. However, with over 180 affiliated clubs, each with a membership between 10 and 80, one would have expected a bigger attendance at this OPEN meeting (Total 12), especially from the Clubs whose breeds have such well documented health problems.

I will try to organise another such initiative with more notice and hope that more of our members can actively participate.

Sean Delmar,
IKC President

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