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October 10, 2016



The Irish Kennel Club is delighted to announce that Puppy Zone on the IKC website www.ikc.ie is now accessible by the general public.

Puppy Zone showcases IKC registered pedigree pups/dogs available for purchase from IKC members once they are at least 8 weeks old.

Anyone interested in acquiring a pedigree pup/dog featured on Puppy Zone can contact the IKC member using the free on-line message feature in Puppy Zone. Some IKC members may also provide a contact telephone number.

By contacting an IKC member via Puppy Zone a potential purchaser is assured the pedigree dog of interest to them is IKC registered and micro-chipped.

Many of the pups offered for sale by active IKC members are progeny from champion dogs who either are participating or have participated in official IKC or international dog shows, agility stakes or field trials.

The IKC does not guarantee any dog showcased in Puppy Zone. Before buying you are advised to refer to the ‘How To Buy A Puppy’ section of the IKC website www.ikc.ie for advice as both the purchaser and the breeder have responsibilities, some of which are a legal requirement.

IKC members pledge to comply with the IKC code of ethics which is as follows:

  1. I shall breed in accordance with the breed standard. I shall not knowingly breed or sell a dog with health problems.
  2. I shall not allow to be mated any bitch kept by me (a) under one year of age, (b) or over eight years of age. I shall not permit any bitch to (c) whelp more than six litters in her lifetime, (d) IN ANY 3 YEAR PERIOD NOT MORE THAN 3 LITTERS ARE TO BORN TO A BITCH (e) or dogs to mate under seven months or over the age of twelve years. Permission must be sought and granted by the Irish Kennel Club to exceed these provisions.
  3. I shall not permit any of my pure bred dogs to be mated except to a dog of the same breed without the consent of the Irish Kennel Club.
  4. I shall ensure that all persons acquiring dogs from me clearly understand their responsibilities for the care and welfare of the animal.
  5. I shall provide to all purchasers of dogs or dogs placed by me written details of all dietary and immunization requirements and/or an appropriate publication relating to such.
  6. I shall not allow a dog to be given as a prize or donation in a contest of any kind.
  7. I shall ensure when selling a dog to another person that all documents as required by the Irish Kennel Club will be supplied to the purchaser, i.e. Registration Certificate with the application for Transfer of Ownership duly signed, and that the microchip number recorded thereon refers to the dog concerned.
  8. I shall ensure when selling a dog to another person that they are informed of any Endorsements/restrictions placed on the registration of the dog. Endorsements/ restrictions must be applied for on the correct application form supplied by the Irish Kennel Club and duly signed by the breeder. Endorsements/restrictions may only be placed on or removed subject to approval by the Irish Kennel Club Ltd. (Rule 234 applies.)

Buyer Beware & Be Prepared

As is the case when making any purchase some simple precautions will safeguard your investment. This is particularly important with an animal such as a dog where you and/or your family will quickly form a strong emotional bond.

  1. Never buy a dog at a market or fair.
  2. Do not collect your dog or puppy from a third party premises such as a hotel car park.
  3. Never accept a puppy that is less than 8 weeks old.
  4. Do ask to see the mother. Most breeders will be only too happy to show you and often the father too.
  5. Collect the puppy from where it is housed.
  6. Make sure you get the IKC registration papers from the breeder or a signed letter from him/her confirming they have lodged an application with the IKC.
  7. Make sure the puppy has had its puppy vaccinations and retain the documentation.
  8. Get the adult vaccinations and a health check from your vet at 12 weeks.
  9. Get a diet sheet or advice from the breeder.
  10. Have where the pup/dog will live ready for its arrival.
  11. Check if the breeder wants to place restrictions (endorsements) on what you can do with the pup. If you don’t understand contact the IKC.
  12. Finally, process a transfer of ownership through the IKC to register your dog in your name – it is a legal requirement.

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