Report from Breeding and Welfare Seminar in Lithuania

August 14, 2019

The recent Breeding and Welfare Seminar held in Lithuania was well attended with plenty of speakers and some really good topics.

Some of the information was excellent and well worth sharing.

When I get the link for the various presentations I will share it.

The main attitudes that were repeated in many of the presentations were as follows.

  • We are not presenting what we do in breeding and health issues to Society and administrators
  • We need to have a clear universal message
  • We need to align ourselves better with statutory welfare organizations and Veterinary associations
  • We need to accumulate all data and get the assistance of academic institutions to process it
  • We need to consider new and modern ways to deliver these messages
  • We need an electronic data Bank where we can share each other’s surveys, programs, findings and possible solutions.
  • We need expert assistance in lobbying
  • We need to educate politicians of the value the entire dog sport brings to the economy
  • We need to provide courses and educational programs that can be accepted as best practice for ALL dog breeders
  • As we represent only about 25% of all dogs bred worldwide we need to be leaders or others will take control.

Overall it was a really worthwhile event, very well organized and full of relevant content.

To focus on these issues the FCI have set up a new commission.

 ‘The FCI Commission for Education and Public Relations’


Sean Delmar,


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