Statement from Irish Kennel Club regarding Shows

May 11, 2021

The Irish Kennel Club has been monitoring the situation regarding the potential of hosting IKC Licenced events in line with the ever-changing restrictions.

It seems good progress has been made and we have every right to feel optimistic. The key issues are safety, legality, full inclusivity and of course the protection and promotion of the Irish Kennel Club.

Whenever it is possible to attempt to organise a show, it would be incumbent on the IKC to host the first one to settle in a new format and procedures that will protect our members, protect society, and protect the IKC from litigation arising from any claim of reckless behavior. The numbers allowed will ultimately dictate the type of event possible.

The challenge is to put together a format that ensures adequate distancing and control mechanisms that comply with the assembly restrictions and the distancing required. Once that is achieved, and the necessary adjustments gained from this experience, this would produce a template going forward.

Remember the Irish Kennel Club is ultimately responsible for all events licenced by it.
With this in mind the Board are researching the possibilities and, as always, we welcome suggestions from our members.

Board of Directors

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