Statement from Irish Kennel Club regarding Shows

February 4, 2021

The Board of the Irish Kennel Club, like many organisations, has had to react to these extraordinary times in a responsible manner that protects the safety and health of our Members and society in general.

This was done in line with the Government expert advice and published guidelines.
So far, the Board with the cooperation of our Staff, our Clubs and Members have, we feel acted in a controlled and safe way.

We are taking the best professional advice available and all the indicators are that the recovery will be a long drawn-out affair with no guarantees, and, the potential for surges always a possibility.

Since March 2020 the IKC have suspended the issuing of Licences for Dog Shows and unfortunately, this continues to be the case for the remainder of this year, as there is no professional advice or information that allows the Board to change its stance.

In fact, with the present restrictions on travel, numbers at events and uncertainty of possible changes from day to day, the situation is actually worse than in March 2020.

However, if the situation changes dramatically for the better the Board could revisit this, but it is unlikely to happen before Sept/Oct.

Whenever it is possible to attempt to organise a show it may be incumbent on the IKC to host the first Shows to settle in any possible new format or procedures that may be necessary to protect our Members, protect society and to ensure we comply with insurance requirements as necessary. Once that is achieved and the necessary adjustments made this would produce a template for Shows going forward.

We thank you for your on-going support.

Stay Safe & Well.

Board of Directors

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