World Dog Show China 2019

July 31, 2015

The annual Dog Meat Festival held in a city in China is something that is both shocking and barbaric to many of us living in countries where dogs are generally valued and loved for the many qualities that they bring to enrich the lives of mankind.

As outsiders, how can we influence the authorities in China to legislate against this and change the attitude of some sections of society in China?

Is it by being aloof and ascending to the high moral ground in order to preach down, or is it by education and interacting with likeminded people within China who, with international help and support, may be able to lobby the authorities in China to effect real changes. I think the latter.

Anyone who thinks that the boycotting of unrelated events, the publishing of patronising and downgrading speeches and articles are going to influence the Government authorities in China is, in my opinion, badly mistaken. This will just create a ‘siege mentality’ and give the impression that one of the world’s most ancient and respected cultures is being demeaned.

Remember, politicians may declare a ceasefire, but until the man with the gun stops shooting, there is no ceasefire.

At the recent FCI meeting the member countries, by a large majority, selected China as the host country for The FCI World Dog Show in 2019. Following that democratic decision, some organisations and individuals have promoted a campaign to reverse democracy or indeed boycott the event.

The question is – should we hold a National Kennel Club responsible for Government policy or indeed regional unsavory practices in their own country? The answer is no. All FCI member Kennel Clubs promote responsible dog ownership and, indeed, it is their primary objective. The China Kennel Union was accepted as a full member of the FCI and has been a very positive force in trying to promote new attitudes on animal welfare and dogs in China. They are doing their best to mobilise animal welfare organisations in trying to stop all forms of cruelty to dogs, but in a country as heavily populated and vast as China, their lobbying power is very limited.

So, what can be done to effect real change?

  • Let the FCI put together a letter signed by all the member countries and send it to the authorities in China regarding the Dog Festival.
  • Let the FCI organise presentations and seminars on Health and Welfare issue in Shanghai during the World Show.
  • Let a delegation from the FCI request a meeting with officials of the Government in China and use the FCI World Show in Shanghai as a means to promote a change in attitudes internally within China.

The FCI is bringing a major international event to China so now is the time to engage in an effort to create change for the betterment of Canine Health and Welfare.

Sean Delmar,
Irish Kennel Club
31st July 2015

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