October 10, 2017


Change of Judge

All Ireland Bull Breeds Association All Breed Ch 30/10/2017 Mrs M Johnston will now judge Airedale Terrier, English Toy Terrier, Parson Russell Terrier, Scottish Terrier and German Hunting Terrier

Dublin Dog Show Society All Breed Ch 27/12/2017 Ms J Wall will now judge German Shepherd Dog and German Shepherd Dog Long Coat

Judges for the following shows are judging within their qualifications

  1. Mid West Canine Club All Breed Ch 21/4/2018
  2. All Terrier Association Group Ch 18/8/2018
  3. Belgian Shepherd Dog Club Of Ireland Group Ch 17/6/2018
  4. Tibetan Spaniel Club Of Ireland Breed Ch 3/2/2018
  5. Munster Boxer Club Breed Ch 22/4/2018
  6. Irish Red Setter Club Breed Ch 19/5/2018
  7. Irish Wolfhound Club Of Ireland Breed Ch 20/5/2018
  8. Bernese Mountain Dog Club Of Ireland Breed Ch 17/6/2018

All progressing and first time judges for the above shows will be presented at the An Ard Chomhairle meeting 13th October 2017


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