Non-pedigree Dogs

Non-pedigree or mixed breed dog have both advantages and disadvantages.

One advantage often cited is that mixed breed dogs, by their very nature, have good genetic diversity, which in most cases promotes good overall health. They also have a reputation for being flexible and adaptable.

Mixed Breeds

Some people like mixed breed dogs because their diverse ancestry makes them somewhat unique. Mixed breeds can also be a lot cheaper to purchase than pedigree dogs. Most dogs in animal shelters are non-pedigree and many people like to adopt pets from these institutions.


There are disadvantages to choosing a non-pedigree dog though. It is often hard or impossible to determine what mix of breeds the dog is. This makes it difficult to predict the general behaviour, size and appearance that a puppy may have as an adult. The disposition of a puppy’s parents can be a good indicator of how the puppy will develop but, in a lot of cases, the puppy’s parentage is unknown. Pedigree dogs have well documented medical histories whereas, with mixed breed dogs, health problems are unpredictable. Finally, If you want a dog with a specific skill set (such as herding or hunting) or to compete in specialised canine events , pedigree is a much better option.