Why register my dog

Registering your pedigree dog with the IKC confirms that it was bred within a strict code of ethics, that the pedigree has been validated by IKC records, which date back to the foundation of the State. As the IKC is a full member of the FCI, an international organisation, its registrations are recognised worldwide.

The Irish Kennel Club run over a hundred different events annually throughout the country. If you want to show your dog – at home or abroad – you need to make sure it is registered first.

Registering your pedigree dog with the IKC

When registering a pedigree dog with the IKC, you agree to be bound by the club’s rules and regulations regarding the care and welfare of dogs, and its code of ethics. This affirms your status as a responsible dog owner and breeder. VICAS, the veterinary association, support the IKC in promoting responsible dog ownership and any IKC member found guilty of cruelty to dogs is banned for life.

Registration is confined to pedigree dogs whelped in Ireland where either both parents registered with the IKC or the dam is registered with the IKC and the sire is registered with another recognised kennel authority. Dogs whelped outside the jurisdiction of the IKC that have been registered with another recognised club can be registered with the IKC by completing Form OS1. Applications that don’t fulfill these conditions will be considered for approval by the Board of Directors.

What is a pedigree

The Irish Kennel Club is the Registration body for Pedigree Dogs, (in other words the Kennel Club keeps the lineage records of your Puppy’s Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents going back many generations, and when the Breeder registers a litter from Registered Parents, the IKC will then issue a Registration Certificate for each Puppy in the Litter.)

Prospective New Owners when purchasing an IKC Registered Puppy must obtain the following documents from the Breeder.


  1. The Official IKC Registration Certificate for each Puppy purchased, Signed by the Breeder on the reverse side and giving the New Owners name address etc., which when signed and completed by the New Owner must be returned to the IKC with the relevant Fee to have the Pup/Dog transferred in the IKC records to the new Owner.   Prospective New Owners should note that if in the future they wish to Breed a Litter or exhibit their New Pup this transfer of ownership must have been completed.
  2. A Pedigree Certificate min. 3 Generations for the Puppy (not photo copies of each of the Puppies Parents)
  3. Full Care instructions on Diet, Vaccinations etc, to enable you to settle the Puppy