Find a lost dog

We understand just how worrying it can be to lose a pet. That is why we encourage owners to properly identify their dogs so that, when found, they can be returned to you as quickly as possible.

As a pet owner, you have a legal requirement to ensure that your dog is under your control and that includes proper identification with a suitable collar and tag.

Microchip Your Dog

In some cases, these can go astray and a microchip is vital as a permanent form of identification that will be in place for life. If your dog goes missing, search your neighbourhood, post notices, and let your neighbours know to contact you if they should spot it. Call local animal organisations such as veterinary clinics, animal hospitals, pet shops and animal shelters and give them a description of your dog and your contact information.

If your dog was seized by the dog warden and brought to a dog pound you have five days to claim it. After this date, it may be put down or disposed of. You must have a current and valid dog licence for your dog when you go to pick it up from the pound and you will also be charged a reclaim fee. If you or your society needs to contact the IKC-PetData database, call +353 (01) 453 3300 or email